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About Magnolia Care

Noble Healthcare is thrilled to have taken ownership of Magnolia Care in February 2021.  Magnolia Care is a 53-bed Assisted Living Facility located in Spokane, WA.  From day one, Noble recognized the family atmosphere and culture among the staff and residents.  Many of the staff have worked at Magnolia for over 10 years.  They treat each other and their residents as family members and that warmth is felt the moment you enter the door.

Magnolia Care has been an ECS (Expanded Community Services) provider for many years.  Thanks to a well trained staff, a culture of acceptance, and strong relationships with other community ECS providers – Magnolia offers a stable environment for residents who need a little extra behavioral and/or mental health support.


Being a smaller building with mostly private rooms, Magnolia’s staff is able to offer a very individualized approach to creating a home for each resident.   Our residents’ unique personalities and desires might be considered disruptive or undesirable in some settings, but at Magnolia they are accepted and celebrated.

Contact Magnolia: 

1707 E Rowan Ave

Spokane, WA 99207

Tel 509.482.6290

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