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Helping Hands

Employee Emergency Fund  Our core values are Accountability, Creativity, Excellence, and Support.  Through the Emergency Fund we have an opportunity to show that we truly Support one another and "have each other's back".

Emergency Fund Donation Form
Emergency Fund Application for Assistance

Noble Healthcare - Employee Emergency Fund

February 10th, 2020

Description: The fund is a non-profit organization that exists to provide a means for employees of Noble Healthcare and its subsidiaries to provide assistance to their coworkers.  As of now, The fund is limited to Tekoa Care Center employees, but as additional facilities are acquired by Noble, those facilities will be included in the Fund (both as donors and potential recipients).


Purpose: To provide assistance to employees who are facing unexpected challenges in life that affect them or their immediate family.  This assistance is intended to be a one-time or very short term solution to help an employee get back on their feet. In order for this fund to help as many people as possible, it may not be used for chronic needs.  Employees whose situations are not appropriate for the Emergency Fund may be referred to other resources (consumer credit counseling, state agencies, etc).


Examples of situations eligible for consideration under this fund include but are not limited to: personal or family crisis involving an emergency financial need; unexpected medical or funeral expenses which exceed insurance provisions resulting in economic hardship; or an uninsured loss due to fire or natural disaster resulting in economic hardship


Eligibility Criteria:

  • Current employees must have completed 6 months of service

  • Employees can be Full-time or part-time, exempt or non-exempt

  • Surviving dependents or family members of an eligible employee (if death occurred within a time frame of six months or less)


Process: (The Board will review, adjust as necessary, and approve the Process before it is made final.)

  1. Employee or Sponsor submits the Emergency Fund Assistance Request to the Board.  The application will be no more than a 1 page application explaining the situation, help needed, amount needed, and use of funds.  

  2. Board Reviews Emergency Fund Assistance Request applications within 3 days of receiving the application.

  3. If approved, the employee is notified in writing and arrangements are made to provide assistance.  Whenever possible, the assistance should be provided in the form of direct payment to the service provider or merchant.  For example, a utility bill paid directly to the utility company, not a check to the employee to then be used to pay the bill.  This is in order for the Fund to maintain its non-profit status.

  4. If denied, the employee is notified as soon as possible in writing.


Fund Raising: Funds will be raised by contributions made from employees of Noble Healthcare and/or its subsidiaries (Tekoa Care Center).  Employees may elect to make regular contributions which may be deducted from their regular paychecks at an amount and frequency set by the employee.  Employees may change the amounts or frequency of their contributions at any time. Donations may also be accepted from Noble Healthcare, unrelated business and unrelated individuals.


Board of Directors: 

  1. Will consist of 3-5 Directors.  

  2. Will not receive compensation for service on the Board.

  3. Must be employed by Noble Healthcare and/or its subsidiaries.

  4. Will serve a 1 year term.

  5. May serve additional terms.

  6. Must be an employee with at least 1 year of service in the company.

  7. Should be respected by peers and supervisors.

  8. Should expect to meet (usually via conference call) one time a month. Additional meetings may be held when deemed necessary by the Board.  Meetings shall be brief - 30 minutes or less.


Other Officers:

Shall include a President, Secretary and Treasurer.  Officers shall be appointed by the Board of Directors and may be changed as needed by a unanimous vote by the Board of Directors. The President may also serve as a Director.

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