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Locations Each community's unique needs met by locally driven leadership

Noble Healthcare currently owns and operates a 59 bed Enhanced Adult Residential Care center (Tekoa Care Center), located in Eastern Washington.  Tekoa Care Center is recognized statewide as a leader in Behavioral Health Management.  Since taking over ownership and operations in September 2015, it has been an honor for Noble to become part of the Tekoa Care Center team of caregivers.

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In August 2020, Noble Healthcare took ownership of Parkside in Auburn, WA.  Parkside is a 94 bed assisted living community.  Parkside is unique in that each resident enjoys a private room with a private bath/shower in each room.  Parkside has a long history of offering quality care and Noble looks forward to expanding its offerings to help residents maintain their social, physical and mental well-being.  



Noble Healthcare is thrilled to have taken ownership of Magnolia Care in February 2021.  Magnolia Care is a 53-bed Assisted Living Facility located in Spokane, WA.  From day one, Noble recognized the family atmosphere and culture among the staff and residents.  Magnolia Care has been an ECS (Expanded Community Services) contracted facility for many years and offers a stable environment for residents who need a little extra behavioral and/or mental health support.

Click here to learn more about Magnolia.

Noble Healthcare is currently seeking growth opportunities in the Pacific Northwest.  Our focus is on developing new or re-positioning existing skilled nursing and assisted living facilities so that they can offer needed Behavioral and Mental Health support in the communities they serve.

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